“Secret to attracting customers?
Fascinate Them.”

— Mel RobbinsAmerican television host

“Right on target; eye-opening and invaluable! The Fascinate testing system provided our Sales team with such rich data about their own personality advantages that they were able to immediately put the information to use, focusing on their strengths, understanding their clients’ styles and closing more sales!”

— Darlene Blaum, CEO, PeerNet Group

Only 9% say they are
“extremely fascinated” at work.

— Research Testimonial 5Straight across the board, people aren’t that fascinated in their jobs. Management training to help leaders engage and inspire might help workplace morale.

Only 8% say their bosses
are “extremely fascinating.”

— Research Testimonial 4The majority of people don’t find their bosses even mildly fascinating. Management training to help them become more inspired and fascinating leaders could help workplace morale. Consider new hiring/recruitment tactics that filter for fascination. Encourage fascination from Day One.

64% would rather be fascinating
on a job interview than a first date.

— Research Testimonial 3Love or money? The stakes are high when interviewing.

80% behave differently
when they’re fascinated by a brand.

— Research Testimonial 2They do research, talk to friends. In fact, consumers report specific physical responses to fascinating products: a faster heart rate and “thrill” of excitement.

90% of people think they are more intelligent than the average person.

— Research Testimonial 1BUT only 39% believe they are more fascinating.

“Sally completely rocked our annual conference, scoring 4.92 out of 5 with our audience of 1,200. The Fascinate test generated huge buzz, and had the group riveted during her presentation. One of the highest rated speakers in my 11 year tenure.”

— M.T., Council for Advancement and Support of Education

“Fantastic! The depth of Sally’s research revealed how well she tailored it just for our audience and industry. Participants came away clearly understanding how their Fascination Advantages distinguish them personally, as well as how fascination is integral in building brand loyalty.”

— Jill McBride, President, Forza Marketing; Editor-in-Chief, COLLOQUY & LoyaltyOne

“Sally Hogshead and her Fascinate testing and research were a perfect complement to our more academic programming. Everyone was so excited to learn more about themselves and how to apply their greatest strengths to their professional and personal lives. Comments and Tweets confirmed that participants were engaged, having fun, and learning.”

— Anna Jordan, NAGAP