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All of Sally’s live and virtual presentations are managed by the team at SpeakersOffice. With a vetted family of top New York Times bestselling authors and TED Talk speakers, this team delivers unequaled knowledge, experience, and reliability. (Plus, they’re fun and friendly!) From your first inquiry to the follow-up after the event, you’ll enjoy their outstanding service.

Clients describe Sally as “a powerhouse” and “a force of nature” with a presentation style that is “show-stopping” and “off the charts.”

This is true whether she’s on a stage, or in a virtual event.

For virtual events, Sally delivers this same level of energy and engagement. With decades of experience in front of the camera, she deftly connects with virtual audiences with storytelling and humor. Today’s new technology offers new and exciting ways to incorporate design and fresh techniques for your virtual event.

Sally blends her decade of proprietary research with masterful storytelling. Participants go on a journey via science, culture, innovation, and trends. They stay involved, energized, and curious to learn more. The questions, answers and discussion energetically flows. Your group is more likely to learn and remember because they’re not checked out (or checking their Instagram feed!).

Other personality tests show how you see the world.
Only one reveals how the world sees YOU.

Sally Hogshead developed the Fascinate System based on her proprietary national market research study about the science of fascination. Then, drawing upon her experience inside brands such as Target and BMW, she applied the principles of a focus group to a personality assessment. Launched in 2009, the Fascinate Test is the first science-based assessment for personal branding. Unlike regular personality tests such as Myers-Briggs, Fascinate is built on the inner principles of branding. Today, 1.3 million professionals have discovered their most admired and valuable traits.

On average, participants report feeling 34% more confident after reading their results.

Want to take the Fascinate Test for yourself, and discover how others see you at your best? Check out

When you upgrade to include Custom Analytics as part of Sally’s presentation, Sally and her team of strategists and designers will collaborate with you to deliver the ultimate made-to-order experience, based on your group’s unique traits. You’ll receive:

+ One Fascinate Test for each participant
+ Hands-on support in data collection and delivery of results
+ In-depth custom analytics about your group
+ Carefully-crafted materials to share with attendees
+ Premium follow-up data and findings after the speech

While the Fascinate Test is normally $59 per person, our clients receive a substantial discount when combined with Sally’s presentation.

How does this work?

In the weeks leading up to your event, Sally’s team will closely collaborate with you to gather the initial data by giving each participant a code to use to complete their Fascinate personal brand report. Sally’s team of experts will then transform these raw numbers into a series of well-researched conclusions, based on our analytics with hundreds of other companies in sales, marketing, financial services and more.

Your analytics can even be customized to a particular industry. For instance, if your audience is a sales organization, our team can compare your numbers with the “average population” of 200,000 sales people we’ve measured.

Is your audience an organization that is focusing on Diversity & Inclusion? We can help! Sally’s data not only showcases why differences matter — but how they’re a competitive advantage. (After all… different is better than better, right?)

Sally handcrafts each and every keynote, carefully curating the perfect content and message for your audience.

In the weeks leading up to the event. Sally and her team carefully study your group’s challenges, opportunities, and even their personality. Then, she builds the perfect message to fulfill your goals for the presentation.

Excellent question.

Sally’s ideal audiences embrace change and love big, bold ideas. They’re passionate about their work, and embrace bold innovative ideas. These groups are motivated and energetic, with a healthy competitive streak. They’re entrepreneurial and ready to step up their game. Instead of fearing the future, they’re always hungry for fresh challenges and new ways of thinking and working to succeed.

Fascination is the brain’s most intense form of focus.

In a state of fascination, you are more likely to remember, take action, buy, and fall in love. Neurologically, it’s the most powerful form of persuasion.

When you fascinate your clients or co-workers, they’re laser-focused on you.

In 2006, Sally began studying why we’re fascinated by certain brands, people, and messages. She discovered seven hidden patterns of influence. She named these “Advantages,” describing how each gets a specific and predictable result. One isn’t better than the others. But there is one that gives YOU a unique competitive advantage. Unlock this Advantage, and you’ll become intensely valuable to others.

In a word, yep. When each person on a team knows their own most valuable differences, and that of their co-workers, the team’s performance collectively improves. Whether a Fortune 100 corporation or small business, our decade of research consistently shows that the Fascinate System improves communication, strengthens engagement, lowers conflict, boosts productivity, and sparks fresh energy within the company’s culture.

A couple of examples of what Sally’s clients say about how she transformed their teams:

“Sally Hogshead and the Fascinate Test were a 10 on the cultural impact meter. We’ve brought in Sally two times; each time to a broader audience of our office principals and staff. Her message is THAT important.”
~ Rob Hicks, Assistant Vice President, Talent Development, NFP

“To instantly captivate an audience is a powerful skill that EVERY attendee can use in the workplace.”
~ Deborah Sexton, President & CEO, PCMA




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