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Why are you captivated by some people, but not others? How do certain leaders convince you to change your opinion? World-class branding expert, Sally Hogshead has the answers. In her new book, How the World Sees You, Hogshead brings a strategic marketing approach to the art of influence. Often compared to the work of Malcolm Gladwell and Seth Godin, Hogshead’s research weaves together neurology, economics, history, biology, and pop culture.

Sally’s energetic style and research-based content instantly command an audience’s attention. She’s best suited for main stage keynotes, and other events that demand a speaker with authority, power, and passion. A few of her most popular topics include:

Unlocking Your Personality’s Natural, Hardwired Advantages

You can fascinate— Sally Hogshead’s research proves it. Drawing upon her studies of hundreds of thousands of people, Sally reveals how to persuade customers and co-workers, using your personality’s natural, hardwired advantages.

You don’t learn how to be fascinating. You unlearn how to be boring.

When you activate your natural fascination advantages, people completely focus on YOU. They’re not checking emails, or thinking about their next meeting. In this state of fascination, they’re more likely to respect you, remember you, and buy from you.

In this keynote, Sally will explore the science of fascination as it relates to personality branding. You will learn the brain’s hardwired “Advantages,” and how to:

  • » Identify what makes your own personality most persuasive
  • » Apply this “fascination advantage” throughout your personality brand and marketing
  • » Make stronger first impressions with customers and employees
  • » Rapidly earn respect and trust
  • » Command attention in meetings

How to Create a Fascinating Brand in Social Media and Beyond

We live in a world with ADD. While the average attention span used to be 20 minutes today, the average attention span is roughly 9 seconds. Nine seconds. That’s the same as a goldfish! You might only get 9 seconds to communicate a message… especially in social media.

Lesson one: Stand out, or don’t bother.

Sally Hogshead has developed a research-based system to make individuals and companies more fascinating. Drawing upon her 20 years of award-winning brand experience, and proprietary market research published in 14 languages, Sally teaches her step-by-step system for harnessing a consumer’s attention.

Your audience will experience a thrilling journey through neurology, economics, history, and the science of the brain’s hardwired fascination advantages. They will learn how to:

  • » Build trust and respect, using the brain’s hardwired patterns
  • » Out-think the competition, rather than out-spend them
  • » Build word-of-mouth excitement in marketing and social media
  • » Increase prices and drive bottom-line growth
  • » Create raving, loyal fans
  • » Have the biggest budget OR be the most fascinating


    1. The Fascination Advantage personality assessment All participants receive one free code for The Fascination Advantage (normally $37). This personality assessment, developed by Sally Hogshead, is based on research of almost 300,000 participants. This assessment is not about how you see the world, but how the world sees you.
    2. Your group’s custom “Heat Map” Sally’s team will do a custom analysis on your audience, revealing their “fascination fingerprint.” (See sample images)dot heat map TopicsPercentage heat map Topics

    3. The Fascination Anthem

FascProduct FABsh Topics

Sally’s exercise, “The Fascination Anthem Builder,” is getting rave reviews. By the end, each participant will be able to summarize their personality brand in just 9 seconds or less, with a tagline for their personality.

By the end of the keynote, every participant will understand their unique fascination advantages— and how to apply these advantages to compete in a 9-second world.