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Fascinate in 9 seconds or less

Fascination is an intense emotional focus. When customers are fascinated by you and your message, they’re more likely to trust, believe, and respect you.

As the only keynote speaker and author on this topic, Sally has developed a scientifically-based system of influence, based on the brain’s hardwired patterns. For any goal that requires strong communication— from selling insurance to motivating top talent— the Fascinate system outlines the shortcut to persuasion.

Sally has taught over 300,000 people how to use their natural Advantages to become more persuasive.


Few female keynote speakers blend a research-based message with the high-energy delivery required to inspire big audiences. Sally’s 2014 schedule is filled with national conferences and top companies and organizations around the world.

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Brand Innovation

Sally’s world-class experience includes two decades of leadership with brands such as Coca-Cola, Aflac, the Wall Street Journal, and MINI Cooper.

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How the World Sees You

Once you know what makes you valuable to others, you’re more authentic and confident, and more likely to make a positive impression. It all begins with understanding how the world sees you, at your best.

Sally Hogshead’s best-selling book, How the World Sees You, gives you the step-by-step method to describe who you are, at your best.

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