Team Fascinate… road trip!

The team at Fascinate, Inc. is getting ready for our road trip…

…and we want you to join us!

Get your invitation in this zesty video, here:


We’re headed to the Wealthy Visionary Conference in LA.

The Wealthy Visionary Conference includes 14 other top speakers, including Brendon Burchard, Simon Mainwaring, and Peter Diamandis. It’s all led by my friend and role model, Marcia Wieder. (Love her.) Marcia is the CEO and founder of Dream University, and three-time Oprah guest.

This is a rare opportunity for live interaction with me and my team, so we can answer your questions about how the world sees you.

I’ll be speaking on February 7th, teaching “How to Fascinate Anyone in 9 Seconds.” Kathy, Kristen, Alex, and Rene will be there from Team Fascinate, helping participants understand and apply their own personality advantages.

To get the inside details, just click here.

Want to road trip with us? Jump in!


  1. Do you ever work with political figures on their brand? What advice to you give them? This applies big time to political figures and how they may be perceived by potential voters. 

    • Awesome question. We’ve thought about representing political figures, but we’ve decided to stay away from politics.

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