How to make fascination contagious » My interview with Simon Mainwaring

Most brands talk at us. (And as a result, we ignore or event resent them.)

But a few brands go about things entirely differently. They provoke us. Inspire us. They break down barriers, and build up communities. They build profits, sure– but they also build social change.

Simon Mainwaring is a master of creating social change. He’s my friend and fellow author (and also a former advertising creative director!), and I the pleasure of interviewing him just for you. Listen here:

Simon Mainwaring interview: Social Branding Blueprint

Simon and I zoom across the worlds of advertising, social media, and the science of fascination, and how brands can use his new roadmap to become contagious in the marketplace. This conversation was not only enlightening, but also important for anyone involved in branding. He gives idea after idea for how your company can become a “social brand” — one that builds positive change with messages that actually matter.

Simon has just launched a brilliant new program, Social Branding Blueprint, teaching entrepreneurial startups and corporations to tell their brand story, and scale their business. A description of the program from Simon:

In the Social Branding Blueprint training program, you’ll get the insights of the best selling book We First (voted best Marketing Book of 2011 by strategy+business), the insights that came from helping Fortune 50 companies become top social brands, and the message in the blogging I do for Forbes, Fast Company, Huffington Post – and boils it down into an 8-step simple to use, actionable roadmap for how you’re your brand story and social media to become a hugely profitable and impactful speaker/coach/consultant. Sound good?

Yes, indeed. What’s more:

In addition to the online and physical training program, We First is giving you two free tickets to our next live training seminar (value $4000) and an online training pass for your favorite non-profit (value $2000).

Did you get that? With your registration, Simon gives you an online training pass for your favorite non-profit. Now that is cool. It’s an exactly the type of contagious marketing that he teaches about. Nicely done.

If your company wants to become one of the rare brands that creates positive social change ideas– to stop merely talking, and start creating movements— you must fascinate your community.

How? Take a listen to this interview.

Then, let me know your thoughts, below.


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  1. Congrats for the interview! Simon is really the best in Social Branding. I became your fan in 2011 whan I saw  his presentation at Social Good Summit and invited him to be our keynote speaker at the Social Good Brazil. For sure, Simon is the best about social media for social good.      


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