I love it and hate it.

Today I write.

I love it and hate it.

Right now I hate it.

It’s in a glorious and horrible struggle, battling the writing gods.

It’s hand-to-hand combat with adjectives.

I’m right smack in the maddening stage that every creative soul knows all too well… the critical tipping point in which ideas must become the reality of paragraphs and pages.

This will be my first book after FASCINATE.

It’s my baby.

But right now, birthing 70,000 words feels about as hard as birthing a 7-lb human.


(At least the view outside of my laptop is easy to enjoy.)


  1. I absolutely know what you mean! (Well, not the birthing a 7-lb human part) :)

    I’m at that point today in my writing. I don’t believe the gods are smiling on me today.

    All the same, I wish you the best in your struggles and look forward to reading the result!

  2. Oh God, I know EXACTLY where you’re at! EXACTLY. Carry on, my dear, carry on. You’re birthing good stuff, of that I’m sure. :)

  3. Desperate times, call for desperate measures: get one of those little trampolines… and jump. Youtube “The Girl In 14G” – and try singing it. That song always gets my mojo flowing!

    Good luck with your next book – I will watch for it, as I love your message.



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